Me and my friends used to sing this at recess.


Plain White T’s- “Pet Sematary”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- Plain White T’s covered this Ramones song for the Frankenweenie soundtrack.


Plain White T’s- “Figure It Out”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- “Figure It Out” host Summer Sanders has four Olympic medals in swimming events.

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Plain White T’s- “Rhythm of Love”

Genre- Adult alternative


Fun Fact- This song was written by Tim Lopez and is the first Plain White T’s song featuring him on lead vocals.

"What’s that word for when you drown from no air?"
— Pat, The Amazing Superfriends Month (via voodin)


Plain White T’s & Tyler Ward- “The Giving Tree (Remix)”

Genre- Indie pop


Fun Fact- Tyler Ward began his career on YouTube, posting covers and original songs. He is now signed with Sony Music Germany.


Plain White T’s- “Natural Disaster”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- This song opens with a famous line from the film Gone With the Wind. You know the line.


Plain White T’s- “So Damn Clever”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- Plain White T’s, The Cab, Panic! At The Disco, and Dashboard Confessional toured together in 2008 on the Rock Band Live Tour.


Plain White T’s- “Our Time Now”

Genre- Pop punk


Story- Plain White T’s are an excellent band whose most popular singles are by far their worst songs. This week, I will share some of their Actually Good songs.

Fun Fact- Plain White T’s performed this song on a first season episode of iCarly, “iRue The Day”


The Cranberries- “Zombie”

Genre- Alternative rock


Fun Fact- This song was written in protest of two bombing attacks by the Irish Republican Army in Warrington, England.


Bobby Brown- “Every Little Step”

Genre- R&B


Fun Fact- Bobby Brown was part of New Edition before departing to start his solo career.


George McCrae- “I Get Lifted”

Genre- Soul


I know this song because it was sampled in Snoop Dogg’s hit “Gin & Juice”. For more information, visit http://www.whosampled.com/sample/5718/Snoop-Dogg-Daz-Dillinger-Gin-and-Juice-George-McCrae-I-Get-Lifted/


RWBY Art Challenge Day 19/30

For mikami-ler. Happy birthday, dude!

I want Grimm plushies now…