Tokyo Police Club- “Party In The U.S.A.”

Genre- Pop rock


Fun Fact- This cover came from Tokyo Police Club’s “Ten Days, Ten Covers, Ten Years” project where they took ten hours per day to rehearse and record one cover song from each year of the previous decade.


Will Smith- “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”

Genre- Rap


Samples: Sister Sledge- “He’s The Greatest Dancer”

Bar-Kays- “Sang and Dance”

Fun Fact- This song won the Best Rap Performance Grammy in 1999 and was ranked #19 on AOL Radio’s “100 Worst Songs Ever” in 2010.


Backstreet Boys- “Larger Than Life”

Genre- Pop


Fun Fact- The music video for this song cost about $2 million to make, and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the 12th most expensive music video ever made.


oh my god

Get wrecked kid!


Scorpions- “No One Like You”

Genre- Rock


Fun Fact- Scorpions have a triple compilation album titled “Box of Scorpions”, which is one of the best album names ever.



Me and my friends used to sing this at recess.


Plain White T’s- “Pet Sematary”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- Plain White T’s covered this Ramones song for the Frankenweenie soundtrack.


Plain White T’s- “Figure It Out”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- “Figure It Out” host Summer Sanders has four Olympic medals in swimming events.

Go on…


Plain White T’s- “Rhythm of Love”

Genre- Adult alternative


Fun Fact- This song was written by Tim Lopez and is the first Plain White T’s song featuring him on lead vocals.

"What’s that word for when you drown from no air?"
— Pat, The Amazing Superfriends Month (via voodin)


Plain White T’s & Tyler Ward- “The Giving Tree (Remix)”

Genre- Indie pop


Fun Fact- Tyler Ward began his career on YouTube, posting covers and original songs. He is now signed with Sony Music Germany.


Plain White T’s- “Natural Disaster”

Genre- Pop punk


Fun Fact- This song opens with a famous line from the film Gone With the Wind. You know the line.